Sprenger Dynamic RS 3-delt D-ring Bitt

1299,00 kr

Dobbel jointed olive-head bit with a D-shaped ring in an anatomically correct shape. This distributes the pressure evenly on the well-padded tongue and protects sensitive mouth areas. The middle section is inclined forward by 45° and can therefore fully utilise the tongue’s sense of touch.

The precisely fitting shape, the fixed side part and the D-shape ensure that rein aids arrive in a targeted manner. In this way, the bridle contributes to the softest and most effective aid possible, which promotes trust and support even with sensitive horses. Sits quietly in the horse’s mouth and protects the corners of the mouth.

Bittet er laget av sensogan med D-ringer av rustfritt stål.
Tykkelsen på bittet er 14 mm.
Diameter på ringene er 65 mm.

Sprenger Dynamic RS 3-delt D-ring Bitt
Sprenger Dynamic RS 3-delt D-ring Bitt
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