Sprenger Novo Contact 2-delt Bitt

849,00 kr

Ergonomically adapted bit made of highly compatible Sensogan alloy for basic training. single jointed, giving the horse more leeway. Improves the contact especially with sensitive horses that do not approach the hand properly.

Rein aid is transferred directly to the tongue and lower jaw through the fixed side part. The unique oval shape increases the contact surface on the tongue. This allows a particularly soft effect. If the reins are tightened, the mouthpiece rotates forwards and the contact surface is reduced. This ensures perfect communication between rider and horse.

Makes optimal use of the space available in the horse’s mouth, lies quietly and protects the corners of the mouth. The side border made of stainless steel helps when riding turns, especially with animals that like to break out over their shoulders. Suitable for every type of horse.
Bittet er laget av sensogan med løse ringer av rustfritt stål.
Tykkelsen på bittet er 16 mm.
Diameter på ringene er 70 mm.

Sprenger Novo Contact 2-delt Bitt
Sprenger Novo Contact 2-delt Bitt
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