Sprenger Dynamic RS 2-delt Bitt

899,00 kr

Single jointed olive-head bit with a D-shaped ring in an anatomically correct shape. This distributes the pressure Single jointed snaffle that is anatomically correct between the tongue and the roof of the mouth. In this way, the pressure can be evenly distributed on the well-padded tongue and sensitive mouth areas are spared. The middle piece is inclined forward by 45° and can thus fully utilise the tongue’s sense of touch. Allows a soft, but nevertheless effective aid to be given. This promotes trustworthy and correct support even with sensitive horses or horses with meaty tongues.

The loose ring is especially helpful for riders with restless hands and/or horses that are still at the beginning of their training. Because the moving rings can cushion unwanted movement more easily.

A single-jointed snaffle is primarily an advantage for horses with very active mouths, who are easily distracted by the double-jointed version and therefore do not pay sufficient attention to the commands.

Bittet er laget av sensogan med løse ringer av rustfritt stål.
Tykkelsen på bittet er 16 mm.
Diameter på ringene er 70 mm.

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Sprenger Dynamic RS 2-delt Bitt
Sprenger Dynamic RS 2-delt Bitt
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